You're invited to Harvard's largest Shabbat dinner, ever. Join us for a night of community, unity, and great food!

Shabbat 1000 hopes to be Harvard’s largest Shabbat dinner to date. We are aiming to host 1000 students in the Science Center Plaza tent for Friday night dinner.

Shabbat 1000 seeks to celebrate Jewish identity, community, and unity. We believe that by sharing a significant aspect of Jewish culture with Jewish and non-Jewish students alike, we can build on Harvard’s tradition of promoting cultural understanding. We hope that the welcoming environment of Shabbat 1000 will encourage students to share history with one another, thereby promoting tolerance and awareness.

Bring along a friend! RSVP required.

Host Committee

Chair: Rachel Huebner, Andrew Lobel, Erez Perelson, Anna Peterman, Elizabeth Rosenblatt

Sam Beren
Bettina Edelstein
Aaron Fogelson
Isaak Garber
Cory Gold
Sarah Horne
Jenny Horowitz
Melissa Kaplan
Rebecca Landau
David Miller
Hannah Posner
Alex Ratzker
Caroline Teicher
Dora Wedner

Lulu Chua-Rubenfeld
Alex Fisher
Annika Gompers
Aaron Grand
Sophia Kaufman
Nathan Press
Katie Smilow
Alana Steinberg
Zach Yoshor

Edyt Dickstein
Celina Dubin
Josh Goldstein
Steven Rachesky
Lauren Volpert
Molly Wharton
Stephen Wittels  



The Plaza Tent
Harvard Science Center Plaza
1 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


5:30 pm
Doors open at 4:45pm

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